Chan Cahal

The site I worked at is called Chan Cahal (little houses)
Chan Cahal is located in a cow pasture a few miles from headquarters.
We would get to the site about 8:00, unload the truck, receive instructions,

then dig.

This circular area with flagstones was found the previous session;
it's on the west side of the structure.

This is the south side on the last couple days of our session.

Here is Antoine, the site director, giving us instructions, probably
using some of his technical terms.
He, Olivia and Dane took great care of us--
making sure we had plenty of drink breaks and dance breaks.

Putting up the shade was a daily thing.  It also kept
the rain off us and the excavation.

Rebecca and Antoine sifting through the dirt.
(nice buns Antoine)

Just to the south of our structure, Dane was trying to locate
the retaining wall of the platform that the houses were
built on.  Here Forest is just beginning on the platform excavation site.