On our day off we took a trip to Lamanai,
a site a few miles away; it's also a tourist site.

There is a short walk through the jungle
to the temples and archaeological site.

A few misquitos, but otherwise, a nice walk.

The Mask Temple is the first site we came to.
On the right is a mask carving.

Climbing to the top of it looked like...   fun?

This is the mask sculpture; it's close to 10 feet tall.

Another temple on our tour..

This is a stella, writing and a picture carved in the stone.
Lamanai is a working archaeological dig.
After we toured the site, we ate and went to the lodge, where we
relaxed and had a drink or two.

Thank you for sharing my trip with me. Books for San Felipe
is a fund raiser organized by my cabana partner Carey.